Things I Eat (Pt. 1: Breakfast & Snacks)

In this three part series, I will share with you some of the foods that I eat the most. This can also be used as a handy guide when you find yourself in common chain restaurants on the road such as Denny’s, Bob Evans, Cracker Barrel and Applebee’s.


Egg whites: I always start my day with this high protein food. It fills you up and has very little fat and zero cholesterol. You can usually ask your server to substitute regular eggs with egg whites for a small extra charge. (Egg Beaters is a common brand name.)

Turkey Bacon: Satisfying and not nearly as fatty as the pig version. They contain good protein that your body can use. Skip the pig. Sorry.

Swiss Cheese: The leanest of the cheeses. Substitute the standard issue American and Cheddar with this to cut down on fat and calories. 

Strawberries, Blueberries: Wash them and eat. Lots of fiber, not a lot of sugar, and very good for you. They’re in season, you know.

Oatmeal: I’ll be honest, I don’t love it, but it’s very good for you and a better alternative to toast or cereal. Get the instant oats, the kind you buy in bulk. Or the Kashi instant stuff. Don’t add sugar. Try different fruit combos, or cinnamon. If you order this at a chain, friends don’t let friends order oatmeal with milk. Get it on the side. I’ve seen a lot of perfectly good oat meal drowned in tons of fatty whole milk. Gross and unhealthy. 


Water: Ok. Not a snack. But sometimes when I think I’m hungry, I drink two glasses of water and it turns out I was thirsty. True story. 

Raw Carrots/Celery and Hummus: Eat as much of this stuff as you want. So good, and so good for you. Just wash the veggies first.

Meal Bars: Clif Bars, etc. This is a bit of a slippery slope. Most of these things are packed with bad sugar, along with all of the beneficial nutrients. But if you’re in a pinch, it’s nice to have one handy to keep your blood sugar in check. If you’re crashing, eat one of these guys SLOWLY. That way, your blood sugar won’t spike and crash, and you can sustain the temporary energy boost and get more mileage out of a bar. I’ll eat one a few hours before a meal, usually during a long rehearsal or during a session, when a meal is just too heavy for the moment. 

Greek Yogurt: Packed with protein. Get the 0% so that you don’t get tons of fat with your serving. Sprinkle cinnamon and a LITTLE BIT of sugar/Splenda, etc on and you’re in business. Also doubles as a dessert. 

Fruit: Wash and eat. Some have more sugar than others, but this is better for you than any processed, over priced crap out there. 

Trail Mix: Make your own by going to the bulk food section of your grocery store/COOP. Avoid the salted nuts, too much chocolate/candy stuff, (a little is alright), and enjoy. I like roasted almonds, dried blueberries, sunflower seeds, peanuts, cashews and dark chocolate bits. Eat this instead of pretty much everything at a tuck stop or gas station.

-Next week, we do LUNCH.


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