Small changes that go a long way…

Make these simple changes in these common foods and you’ll avoid hundreds of useless calories and dozens of grams of fat immediately:

Skim Milk All The Way: Drinking Skim Milk instead of Whole milk with your cereal, oatmeal, coffee or PB&J will cut out a significant amount of saturated fats and calories from your everyday intake. Remember, Skim Milk still has all of the vitamins and minerals as whole milk and studies show that people who drink Skim Milk on a regular basis build muscle faster (which burn more calories per day) and maintain strong bones that beat osteoporosis. The fat is replaced with water. Relax, think of the benefits and you’ll get used to this change fast.

Dressing and Condiments On The Side: Salad dressing, mayo and even ketchup are pretty bad for you. Dressing is full of fat, sugar and plenty of artificial colors and flavors. Your Caesar salad probably drenched with it. Mayo is a great way to give any reasonably healthy sandwich the fat content of a greasy slice of pizza. Ketchup is full of sugar and sodium. Ask for these items on the side when you order a salad, a sandwich, or a burger. You can put them on yourself in small amounts for to flavor the food that is already eating. The less the better. Also, try Balsamic Vinaigrette instead of Ranch of Bleu Cheese. Try spicy mustard instead of ketchup or mayo.

Skip the Bacon. You’ll do yourself and your heart a huge favor. Bacon is not rich in protein. It’s usually fried in a pan and served with it’s own grease and fat. Ask for Turkey bacon. It’s a better cut of meat and more satisfying. Not to mention, it’s a good source of protein and not nearly as greasy.

Cut off the Fat: Beef, Pork and even poultry are often served with some excess fat. Eating this fat is like putting a spare tire directly onto your tummy, because that’s where it’s headed. Cut off the fat, and save yourself A LOT of unnecessary work at the gym.

Low Fat Cheese or Bust: Cheese is rich in protein and calcium, but also fat. If you’re like me, you love cheese. But most food already tastes good without it. Ask for lowfat cheese if you must have it. Even then, try to keep your weekly portions to a mimimum. I suggest buying an extra fine cheese grater. That way, is seems like you’re getting the same about of cheese to cover the same amout of real estate, but it’s actually much less.

Lose the Soda, watch out for the Juice: The main issue here is sugar. Soft drinks are loaded with it. Excess sugar is converted to fat. There’s a whole involved science behind blood, sugar, and fat but the moral of the story is that excess sugar in your diet is not only unnecessary, but unhealthy. Orange Juice and other Juice Drinks main contain vitamins and minerals and help keep you hydrated, but they also contain too much sugar. Drink an 8 oz cup of OJ and be done with it. Better yet, eat a full orange. That way, you also get the valuable fiber with helps regulate body functions.

Baked, Grilled, Boiled: Yes. Fried, No.: Avoid all fried meat, vegetables and desserts. If you must get something fried, make sure it’s with olive oil.

Whole Wheat/Whole Grain Bread Only: Bread should serve a function in your life. It’s a source of fiber. White bread does not fall into this category because it’s ultimately processed at sugar and stored as fat. You don’t need a lot of bread in your diet, so ask for whole grain or whole wheat breads and wraps whenever possible. But remember, not all whole wheat bread is created equal. Check out the fiber content, calorie content and other nutrition information. You want low fat, low calorie and high fiber. (Turns out wraps are NOT healthier than a quality whole grain slice of bread.)

Say no to refried beans: Refried beans are essentially mashed up beans that are mixed with lard and cooked. Ask for black beans, or any other substitute and give your stomach, heart and arteries a break. Real beans, sans lard, are very nutritious.


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